How can a kitchen be called complete without a good set of canisters? These sets help make the kitchen more properly outfitted by reducing clutter, improving the overall look of a space, and create organization. There are many types of canister sets available today in the marketplace and although choosing the perfect collections can be a daunting task, by using the tips we’ve provided here, your search may become just a bit easier.


The ideal canister set should have containers of varying sizes to give the owner maximum storage options. Also, you might want to consider what kinds of items you will store in the sets, as some sizes are more appropriate for specific applications. 

For example, items such as sugar and coffee are better suited for smaller canisters, while items like flour, pasta and biscuits often require larger containers.


Always choose the style that will best fit the tone of your kitchen. Canister sets typically come in rounded or square forms. The square variety is generally regarded as the less attractive, but more functional of the two. 

If your kitchen has the look of the 1950s, a retro-themed stainless steel design would look great. For that more traditional appearance, wooden or enamel sets are usually most compatible. Rounded glass and ceramic sets are flexible enough to meld with the mood of almost any kitchen. 

Remember that design also affects how easy it would be to clean the set and whether you plan to store the containers inside the cupboard (function is better) or outside on the counter (form is better).



Take a moment to consider the main reason for which you are buying the set. The intended purpose of your set is a necessary forethought because sets commonly come in steel, plastic, wood, ceramic and glass and all have specific purposes. 

For wet items like milk or tomato sauce, glass or plastic is more suitable than wood or ceramic. When you have sticky items like honey or maple syrup, stainless steel is the best choice.  If it is for dry items that need to be kept in a dark, cool, dry place, then an airtight ceramic is one of the best options. Airtight sets will confidently protect food from easily spoiling. 

When storing practically non-spoilable items such as colorful wrapped candies or dry beans, try a glass set for best results. 

It is key to note whether you plan to keep your sets in places where falling or child usage is possible. These situations may require plastic, wood or stainless steel instead of glass, ceramic or enamel.


Always try to have a look at a variety of sets at your local shop to get a true feel before you buy. Although powerfully convenient, webshops often don’t offer an opportunity to try before you buy or free samples. Don’t forget to read reviews and go for what works. Happy storing!