The start of September means the start of school, and with the start of school comes the return of school lunches. Buying school lunches every day can be expensive, and if adults need lunch for work as well, it really starts to add up. Packed lunches can be a cheaper and healthier option for both children and adults, and if you’ve got the right equipment, they don’t need to be daunting. Food containers offer a practical solution for storing and transporting your packed lunches.

Convenient and long lasting

Whether making a salad or a sandwich, food containers – designed to carry and transport food easily whilst keeping food fresh – are ideal for safe lunch storage. Available in a range of sizes, colours and designs, there’s a food container for whatever lunch product you fancy. Generally made from plastic, food containers are an inexpensive way to store your lunch. Durable, resistant to denting, lightweight and leak proof, plastic food containers are the most popular packaging choice for food storage and transportation. Just seal your container and toss your lunch into your bag, without the worry of damaging the container – or your food!

Plan ahead

For both children and adults, returning to the everyday routine of school or work after a long summer holiday can be exhausting. Life can be made that bit simpler by planning and prepping your lunches in advance, and food containers make this possible. Simply make your lunch the night before, place it into your chosen food container and pop it into the fridge ready to take with you the next day. Clever containers with dividers mean you can separate meals out, allowing you to pack breakfast and lunch in one handy container, saving space and money! Side sections can also be used to store break time snacks. Buying multiple food containers means if you’re really prepared, you can make a week’s worth in advance, really saving you time!

Food containers can take the hassle out of planning your lunch. As some containers are microwavable, thanks to handy vents, you can take leftovers stored in a container straight from the fridge and reheat it at school or work. No thinking required!

A fresh start

Choosing new food containers can make the start of school even more exciting. Containers can be personalised to add a unique, distinguishable design, so you don’t have to worry about getting your container confused with others. A choice of colours and sizes gives you more options for choosing the perfect container for your lunch.

It’s not just food containers on offer: plastic bottles for beverages and other liquids are an essential part of a packed lunch! Plastic bottles are ideal for children taking water to school. Small bottles can also be filled with hand sanitizer to prevent common illnesses. Reliable, safe closures prevent leakages; so plastic bottles can be carried in backpacks with confidence!

Trustworthy, lightweight and safe, food containers are the perfect solution for transporting your lunch, making packed lunches easy and convenient. Find the perfect container for your needs on the All in Packaging web shop.