There are several types of packaging bottles available on the market, in different sizes and materials. Each bottle serves a particular purpose and is used for a specific reason. High Density Polyethylene bottles – or HDPE bottles as they are more commonly known – are a popular choice of packaging, with thousands produced every year. Fairly typical in the food industry, they are used particularly for packaging fresh juice and milk.

HDPE bottles have numerous benefits for manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. Let’s take a look at why people are so inclined to buy these products and what it is that makes these specific bottles so useful.


HDPE bottles are completely recyclable. This is one of the main reasons for the high demand for these bottles: the material can be used again and again for different purposes. Today, the demand for recyclable products is on the rise as consumers look for environmentally friendly products. HDPE bottles can be easily recycled and repurposed into a whole range of other items, such as strapping material, carpet fibre and tote bags.


Many businesses wish to only use sustainable products. In fact, buyers today are more conscious of the impact of packaging and so tend to prefer sustainable products. HDPE offers great opportunities to integrate the recycled material into the supply chain – a major reason for the success of this product.

Easy to Carry and Lightweight

Small businesses are quite fond of HDPE bottles due to the fact that they don’t weigh much. Lightweight products mean cheaper transportation costs for manufacturers, and for consumers lightweight products are the preferred choice as they can easily carry these trendy bottles everywhere they go. HDPE bottles, as a lightweight packaging material, prove a cost-effective choice.

Convenient to Use

HDPE is the only type of packaging that allows an integrated handle as well as pouring aperture, providing a controlled grip as well as the ability to dispense products through pouring. Especially useful for those requiring a little extra support when using bottles, HDPE bottles are primarily used in storing milk and fruit juices – both of which need careful pouring, usually into a specific area. Handles and pouring openings make this easily achieved.

Completely Safe and Secure

HDPE is completely safe for use. Unlike glass products, HDPE plastic bottles are resilient and won’t break if accidentally dropped, making them a safe and secure option. These features make HDPE ideal for the safe transportation of liquid products. Bottles can have either an external closure or an induction seal to prevent leakage, and also helps in preserving the freshness of products.

Great for storing different volumes of liquids, HDPE bottles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Plastic is easily moulded into a number of shapes, which helps to improve their utility. Products can be personalised through the range of colours on offer, from completely clear to brighter colours. The variety of design choices for HDPE bottles is what makes these bottles so unique as a packaging material. Take a look at the high quality HDPE bottles available from All In Packaging to find your product.