It is important that packaging solutions are cost effective, otherwise it will result in increase in cost for customers, who will then shy away from purchasing the specific product. Thus, packaging suppliers have cost effectiveness, as a goal too along with considerations like improved sustainability, protection, style and better handling of packaged products.
Suppliers try their best to cut down packaging costs, but without losing quality of packages. Otherwise, it will be a compromise with a customer’s faith and loyalty. However, cost effective packaging is possible only when certain aspects are taken care of.
Reducing over-packaging will help in cutting down costs to a large extent. It is a great idea to use a safe specification while a new product is being introduced. However, before any packaging material is reduced, the history of packaging material should be studied to ensure it doesn’t lose its performance power. Good packaging need not always be huge accumulation of packing material–a simple, effective packaging will be really effective. However, remember, in the process of not over-packaging, do not under fill your box. If you under fill, it can cause damage to the product package during transit. You need to ensure product safety first. If the product feels loose in the box, it means you should add some more packing material or reduce the packing box size, so that it does not get damaged. You need to also double check and ensure that your wrapped product is sitting firmly in the box.
To reduce packaging cost, one should be using material which is quite close to the product. The most protective ply used in packaging, should be like the product packaging. Experts agree that polyethylene, aluminum foil and paper offer a great barrier. In fact, the protective power of aluminum foil is totally enhanced when it is close to the specific product being packaged.
Suppliers, who try to substitute materials in order to reduce costs, should be very cautious.  It might not be a good idea to substitute any kind of packaging with just another.When substitutions are made, basic packaging requirements should be considered. Using a corrugated box is always suggested, as it helps in offering complete protection to the product.
Though, you are trying not to over package and reduce cost, it is important that suppliers follow the 2-inch rule when packing products. There should be at least 2 inches of packing material around the packaged product. This rule will ensure that you do not over-fill or under-fill a product. It will help in saving money (optimum use of packing material) and also time.
For cost effective, good quality packaging solutions, it is important to standardize all packaging materials. Income and outgoing finished packing solutions should also be standardized as much as possible. If there is multi-plant operation in the packaging process, then standards are completely necessary to ensure that the packing is of best standard. This will ensure cost effective packaging solutions for your business.
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