Food packaging comes in a variety of forms, uses a variety of materials in a number of shapes, sizes and designs, all primarily based on technical requirements and the marketing needs of the product. Food contact material is specifically an important part of packing food products–this is the layer which comes in direct touch with the beverage or food. Here is a brief of the different types of materials used in packaging food material and how they help.
Ceramics are generally used as kitchenware. A Ceramic is made using natural material, which means kaolin, quartz or clay AND might be mixed with other heavy metals. Ceramic jars, containers, bottles or trays are used in storing food products, including cookies, spices and more.
Plastic Packages
Plastic is probably the most popular type of packaging material used in the food industry. It describes a number of polymer-based packaging material. General plastic food packaging is about high density polyethylene, or simple polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate and others. The material used in packaging is generally dependent on the food which is being packaged. In the making of all these products, a number of materials might be combined. For instance, the final product might be a combination of different types of polymer materials. A bottle can be made from PET and its screw might be made of PVC. In order to ensure sturdiness, shock resistance and a great durability of the final product, many substances are usually added in plastic, including colorants, UV Filters and plasticizers. All such materials added might not help in protecting product package, but are necessary for all plastic packages.
Today, customers are looking forward to natural product packaging which has brought about an evolution of packaging technology. Aseptic packaging techniques are used to develop natural packaging solutions. Aseptic packaging is used to manufacture special food grade metal cans and other cans.
Tetra Packaging
This is the most common and widely accepted type of food packaging. It was first introduced by the beverages, dairy, or milk, industries It is easy to carry and portable. However, tetra packaging is not suitable for large volume packaging or for packaging certain types of products.
Glass Packaging
Glass has been popular as a packaging material for ages. However, it is fast losing its momentum with the development of PET. Glass packaging takes a number of forms, including bottles, containers, jars and similar products. It is used for storing food products, cereals, baked juices or for filling juices and beverages.
Aluminum has always been a popular packaging material for customers. It offers an excellent packaging for frozen and canned foods. It is also suitable for storing fully prepared meals. Aluminum food packaging also helps in easy transportation of products–whether it is globally, regionally or locally. Aluminum packaging is suitable for packing food products, since it is hygienic, non-toxic and keeps food fresh while offering great protection to food products by keeping products protected from ultraviolet rays and micro-organisms.