Frapak Packaging is a leading specialist in plastic packaging. Since being founded in the Netherlands in 1978, Frapak Packaging has transformed from a packaging manufacturer to become one of Europe’s largest packaging distributors of small and large quantity plastic packaging, offering both standard and custom made innovative solutions to clients across Western Europe.

Its main delivery programme consists of bottles, jars, soap and cream dispensers, finger sprayers, trigger pumps and closures, aimed at packaging products across a huge range of markets including hair care; cosmetics; food and beverages; personal care; pharma and healthcare; cleaning and more.

Predominantly a successful distribution company, Frapak Packaging also has its own manufacturing range, supplying a large number of standard products directly from their own warehouses throughout Europe. This, combined with a network of European partners means Frapak Packaging is able to supply a wide and increasing range of packaging solutions from mainly European sources, with reliable and short lead times. Consider how time and cost-effective this could be for your products.

More flexibility for customers

Whether you’re a brand owner, retailer or contract filler, Frapak Packaging offers innovative solutions to meet your requirements. Offering services such as screen and tampon printing, hot foil printing for high end cosmetics, colour matching and sampling and dip tube cutting for products delivered directly from their warehouse stock of fine mist sprayers, dispensers and trigger sprayers, Frapak Packaging has the knowledge, design ability and supporting services to guarantee products stand out from the crowd.

A unique feature of their range is that every type of container can be flexibly combined with any type of closure option, giving customers more choice over the customisation of their product and allowing for a more flexible design. Customised containers can be furthered with the added option of customised label packaging designs for all products.

Unique customisation

Alongside their standard programme, with their partners across Europe, Frapak Packaging is involved in the engineering of moulds, development of production machines and decoration techniques.  A distinctive feature of Frapak Packaging is product customisation with in-house custom 3D design and printing. With a fully integrated in-house studio and using the latest and leading software, they are able to design and create unique 3D rapid prototypes, enabling customers to see and feel products before they go on the shelves and creating products unlike anything else on the market. In-house design and printing ensures a quick turnaround, critical in providing a cost-effective solution in an efficient frame.

With networks across Europe for supplying a range of plastic packaging, as well as standard products without minimum order quantities available directly through their warehouse stock, Frapak Packaging can offer cost-effective and quick delivery times for clients.

Frapak Packaging products and substitute products can be found through Nordtek’s All In Packaging web shop.

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