Genius Packaging Design Ideas and Tips
Packaging designs and ideas keep changing from time to time and it is quite important too. Keeping abreast with changing consumer needs and preferences, it is necessary to bring changes in designing of packages so as to fulfill the needs of customers. Experts spend hours and come up with innovative and genius packaging design ideas which not just fulfills its objective but also looks attractive and attracts customers like never before To understand what goes into all such genius package designs, we need to understand what designers have in mind when they think about designs and innovations. Here are some interesting facts which combine to make genius package designs.
Packaging design is said to be a big call to action! How? Well, the design needs to be such that it needs to attract the fancy of the consumer at the first glance. Experts believe that a genius design is one which talks and urges the consumer to purchase it. This is one of the reasons a genius design is said to be one which creates something which is totally different from what is available around. It is different from what the competitors have to offer, different from what has been offered earlier and a design which speaks for itself. It needs to stand out when displayed online or when placed on the shelves.
Bigger brands often do not emphasize on smart packaging as their goodwill and brand speaks, but intelligent and smart packaging is absolutely necessary for smaller brands which need to establish themselves in this highly competitive industry, where hundreds of similar products are competing one another to woo the consumers.
Inspiration For Smart Packaging Designs
An absolute necessary! This is what is felt by many creative experts who are into designing innovative packaging for companies. Inspiration or theme can pave the way for the next set of designs of same products, which also sets a trend and creates high recall value for customers. Inspiration can be from anything – nature, seasonal variations, current situation or simply an abstract situation or idea which makes customers think again! This might involve creation of newer characters which can be associated with the specific product.
It Is All About Form And Function
Any smart packaging design starts with form and functioning – undoubtedly, the packaging needs to be attractive, but we should not forget its main purpose of protecting and preserving the product during transit. While designing any kind of packaging for a product, two basic facts need to consider. What is the form and the function of packaging? Well, it is known that the basic form of packaging is to keep the product intact and safe.
However, imagine your dream product, well encased in some very simple

packaging (bubble wrap, blank box, cardboard box) arrives at your doorstep. No outside décor, nothing attractive – just a plain box and your product inside. Is it going to be really appealing? Will it please you and make you really happy? What would your opinion be about the seller? Wouldn’t you like your final product to come home in an attractive package which not just protects the products but makes it look attractive? Any smart packaging needs to offer protection to the product, relevant information about the product to customers and should be really attractive in terms of selling.
Creativity is an important part of great packaging design. Designers are amazingly creative people who know how to mingle creativity and innovation in product designing. A creative and different packaging, speaks loads about the company and product. It has an ability to speak for itself. High quality and creative packaging signals a strong influence in the decision making process for consumer. Every buyer looks for something which is different, something that stands apart and when it is visible in any creative packaging, they do not look beyond. A smart, creative and innovative packaging design is a fun way to enhance a product while delivering the core value of the brand and offering convenient information to customers about products.
Clarity and conciseness are the two pillars of successful packaging, no matter what kind of packaging it is. Creativity or genius packaging style should never lead to ambiguity because if this happens consumers will not be able to relate to the product and all efforts will go down the product. If consumers do not understand what lies inside the product or if they are apprehensive about the packaging or if it is too difficult to locate the brand name or find important information, such kind of packaging is definitely of no use. Packaging should be smart, clear and concise. Good packaging should never conceal anything as it breaks customers trust in such a situation.
Thus, genius packaging is all about smart features, innovative designing and great attractiveness which helps a product stand out from every similar product displayed.