How many times have you been tempted to purchase something like cosmetic containers and jars just because it looks just awesome?
So, you loved the packaging first and then you thought that you actually need the product! This happens with all of us. Manufacturers have now understood this buyer psychology very well; this is one of the main reasons why everyone seeks to get the best packaging solutions for their business. It is true, that best packaging solution can actually boost your sales.
A good packaging offers plenty of information to attract consumers to products. A stylish and creative package like in case of small food jars or glass jars increases its visibility immediately and the product is made more sellable.
It promotes great brand awareness!Here are some interesting ways by which packaging influences the consumer and increases the sales of the product.

Creates Brand Identity
The best packaging solution helps in creating brand identification. As soon as consumers notice a new product on the shelves, they look for more information on the Brand. Having the same logo of another product from the same brand in the package, definitely wins customer confidence and customers are eager to try out the new product. Customers will also be eager to buy a product because of its familiarity. A good package helps in creating brand identity.
Offers Important Product Information
A good packaging can sell your product and promote it also with detailed information on the product on its package. Customers are conscious and more aware now; they are not going to buy anything without getting details like product measurements, nutritional information (small food jars) and important instructions on how to use the product. Thus, including all relevant and necessary information in product package helps in increasing sale. Remember everything needs to be concise and clear on the package.
Creative and Unique Packaging Design
Best packaging solution providers understand the importance of unique and creative packaging. Packaging designs such as in case of beautiful glass jars or cosmetic containers is generally inspired by the best in industry or by the industry competitors. In any retail store, you must have noticed that all competing products find place in the same area or shelf. Just glance through all the different packaging and you will understand what sells. Customers opt for creative, unique and attractive packages which grab attention. Customers probably spend a few seconds on all products displayed and anything which looks fancy attracts attention first.  Companies understand that they need customers to take a second look at a product; their interest needs to be aroused to check out a product. This is where packaging sells and increases your products sales.
Carry A Message
A good package carries a message for the consumer. In fact, experts believe that packaging is the place to send messages for consumers. Marketing messages on any product, makes the consumer pick up the product and have a second look at it. It works as a unique opportunity to reach the consumers and increase sales. This is especially in case of cosmetic containers and unique glass jars with cosmetics which should have a message.
Functional Packaging Concept
Functional packaging also influences the repeat sales from a customer. There are several products with good functional packaging which enhance product usability and storage, makes customers get back to the store to buy another product. At the same time, there are several packages which are quite difficult to handle and more difficult to store or can cause damage to the content of package – customers do not buy them second time. Instead they start looking for better option or something which is easier to handle. Small marketing firms and business houses generally designate people whose main task is to analyze current marketing trends and understand what makes customers happy. With such accurate understanding of such trends, packaging is created so that customers are easily drawn to products which help in increasing sales.