Are you still wondering if investing in packaging is worthy? Think about all popular and successful brands and their packaging policies; why do they spend so much? What makes them so popular?
Packaging plays an important role in the sales of your product and reputation building. Customers start recognizing your brand just from packaging! It is worth the investment if you are doing good for the popularity of your business. If you are still in doubt, consider a few of the following factors that will explain how packaging is definitely worth a try! With just a little investment, you can receive huge returns in sales and profitability.
Importance of Packaging in Foods & Health
In the food and health sectors, packaging plays an important role in the success of your product! Do you think you’d buy food or carry your favorite cookies if it was packaged poorly? Packaging is an important protection for foods to maintain freshness and prevent contamination and for health and sanitation purposes. No one enjoys compromising on health issues. Using inferior or ineffective packaging will permit contamination or spoliation and you will lose valuable customers. No one would buy any food item from your brand again if there has been an earlier situation with health or sanitation. Thus, in food packaging, it is absolutely necessary to invest in good quality packaging material.
Product Differentiation
Packaging is important to make your product different from hundreds of similar products available. In supermarkets, you can buy the same type of product from hundreds of other brands–why would customer pick your product from so many options? Your product packaging has to be attractive enough to draw the attention of customers. For instance, consider perfume industry. Here you can find hundreds of perfumes in different packages! How do you select a brand? You pick for attractiveness–looking for differences in size, color, shape or material. Packaging provides uniqueness for customers. If you invest in innovative and creative packaging, your product will stand out from all the others.
Marketing Your Brand
Consider the purposes of packaging beside protecting the internal product and information transmission. Packages play an important role of marketing your brand and building customer loyalty. Your goods and effective package has the ability of creating customer recall value. If your package is different or unique, customers will be able to recall by its design, color or packaging style. Packaging graphics or physical designs are important and work as a great marketing tool when displayed on the shelves. Your package will speak about your brand and slowly, with its effectiveness, will build your customer base.
Lastly, effective packaging is convenient for your customers also and also helps in your distribution process.  Packages which are well packed, are easy to handle during distribution, storage, display, during sales, use, and when dispensing (eco-friendly and recyclable).  Spending a bit on packaging offers more than a few benefits and is definitely a worthy investment. Just go for it!