The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest changing industries. To keep pace with ever-evolving trends, cosmetic packaging is constantly changing and adapting. Innovations in packaging help customers to enjoy more functional products that are easy to use.

Skin care products are usually packaged in specially designed cosmetic containers, jars, tubes and bottles of different sizes and interesting shapes. These containers are creatively designed to stand out from the rest. To keep up with the needs of users, skin care containers have evolved and additional functions have been introduced to cosmetic containers, such as snap covers, see through tubes and before/after use comparison charts.

Skin care containers have some interesting features that mean they enjoy a huge demand, and the following list offers just a few of these features, along with packaging trends, that have contributed to the evolution of skin care product packaging.  



Most of us mistake innovation and creativity with complexity. But creativity doesn’t always mean complex designs or intricate functions. Simplicity can be amazingly refreshing and honest, and many consumers love uncomplicated yet attractive designs. Skin care containers, meant for storing and packaging cosmetics, are all about clarity of purpose. Containers that are difficult to use or that involve a number of steps to access the products inside aren’t always preferred by consumers. When choosing skin care product packaging, look out for simple, yet highly innovative designs and packaging that is straightforward to use.

Graphic Designs

One of the latest trends to add simplicity to skin care containers is the application of graphic designs. Graphic design is all about simplicity and approachability, depicted through novel designs, shapes and themes. Graphically designed skin care containers use some of the most basic shapes, available in limited colour palettes, to make repeated patterns. It’s common to find skin care containers in contrasts of black and white, as well as in a variety of shapes including squares, triangles and circles. Familiar shapes such as these are in demand as customers are drawn to products in shapes that they can easily identify, and skin care containers are adapting to fit these requirements.


Shelf Life

The shelf life of products is also considered when designing skin care cosmetic packaging. Today, several products are smartly displayed on bathroom shelves or in cupboards, due to their elegant designs and innovative packaging. Creating designs which mainly focus on the longevity of products gives products an edge, since complete care has been taken to ensure that the product is in great condition for use. Since skin care is intended for delicate use, shelf life is particularly important design consideration.


Nostalgic Designs

A popular trend this year, idealising the past is becoming a common theme when designing skin care containers. This trend uses nostalgia to draw on times when people appreciated handmade designs, cared for products and loved detail-oriented design. Today, some of these older designs are being incorporated to cosmetic packaging designs, with the difference being that newer techniques are being used to modernise products. New functions, such as dispensing pumps, are being added to make them more useful for customers.


What trends have you noticed in the designing of skin care containers?