Laundry detergent is a household staple. Used to wash clothing, bedding, towels and more, over the years, this everyday item has gone from powder only, to multiple types of detergent being available. One type used by many is liquid detergent. Liquid detergents, along with fabric softeners, are one of the most popular products in the household chemicals industry, with some of the most well recognised brands being those that sell liquid detergents and fabric conditioners.

Made from plastic, liquid detergent bottles are a sturdy, resistant and leakproof packaging solution – essential qualities for household product packaging. Providing protection for the product inside, plastic bottles ensure liquid detergent remains as intended. Plastic is also an extremely flexible material; it’s flexibility helps in moulding liquid detergent bottles and fabric softener bottles into a variety of unique and distinguishable shapes that line our supermarket shelves.

Sizes to Suit You

With a large and varied customer base to appeal to, liquid detergents and fabric conditioners are packaged and sold in a range of sizes. Larger capacity bottles are ideal for businesses or households doing large amounts of washing each week, saving both money and time by buying in bulk. Smaller sizes are more convenient for storing and pouring, as well as being easier to transport, but aren’t as cost-effective. Typical bottle size is 2litres or more, although smaller bottles are available.

Accurate Dosing

One of the best features of liquid detergent bottles is the possibility of a dosage cap – a feature available with many bottles. Dosage caps have the ml level marked on the inside of the cap to show you exactly how much liquid has been poured out. Dosing in this way makes liquid usage much more precise, providing a more economical product usage. Dosage caps prevent unnecessary overfilling; meaning the amount of waste is reduced, therefore offering an economical solution for both manufacturers and consumers. They also aid easy pouring!

Creative Designs

Shape and size aside, one of the first things you notice when you see liquid detergent and fabric softener packaging on the shelves today is the colour of the bottle. Bright, eye-catching designs are employed to attract customers to the product, and that’s the beauty of the plastic used for liquid detergent packaging: it can be personalised and printed on to create the perfect packaging design with ease.

Peace of Mind

As a household staple, children may come into contact with detergents and fabric conditioners, so some products, such as bleach and other potentially harmful liquids, come with extra precautions. Child resistant closures (CRC) provide this peace of mind. CRC caps can only be opened when a strong push and twist motion are applied simultaneously – packaging with such closures is often accompanied with the instruction to ‘push down and turn to open’.

With a variety of shapes, sizes and design possibilities, it’s not hard to find a liquid detergent bottle to suit your needs.