Believe it or not, there’s a device on the market helping to ensure Fair Play during a football game. Small sprayers are used in several fields and industries, but a few years ago we learnt that they could even be used for the inevitable parts of a football game.

Foaming sprayers are branded 9:15 Fair Play sprayers, but whilst some know them only as ‘vanishing spray’, most football fans simply call these foaming sprayers ‘shaving cream’ because of the spray appearance, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with traditional shaving foams.

Referees use these small cans with sprayers during free kicks to mark the area that opposing players cannot encroach. Vanishing spray can be used in two ways: to mark the spot where the ball should be placed, and to mark a line where the defensive wall should stand. Although players are supposed to remain 10 yards away, opposing players frequently creep closer to the free-kick taker. Foaming sprayers therefore help referees to ensure that each player stays where they are meant to.

How vanishing spray works

The vanishing spray contains a mixture of butane, isobutane and propane gas; a foaming agent; water and other chemicals. The foaming spray vanishes after about a minute, completely disappearing from the grass. Practical and easy to use, referees simply point the spray can towards the area to be marked on the ground and a short squeeze of the spray trigger dispenses the spray onto the pitch.

While it looks a little like shaving cream when being sprayed onto the pitch, it acts as a temporary, non-toxic spray paint that has no harmful effect on the grass or the players. It works on all surfaces: on grass, artificial grass, concrete and more.

Invented by Brazilian inventor Heine Allemagne in 2002, the first World Cup match to feature the vanishing spray was the opening game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup between Brazil and Croatia, revolutionising aspects of football. This so called ‘magic spray’ in its foaming sprayer is one of several innovations that demonstrate that even small devices can have huge impact on sport.

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