For the first time, a perfume bottle that’s as capable as you. Introducing Perfume to Go.

When the design of your favorite scent’s bottle was crafted, it’s unlikely that business meeting use was considered. It’s doubtful that break-proof glass was chosen and certainly Versace didn’t envision elegant bottles of eau de parfum being crammed back into tiny purses after quick reapplications in between dance hits.

Until now, the quick sprays before leaving the house defined the last moments of pure aroma before the daily fade of scented beauty had begun. Busy days, workout sessions, and hot offices all act to strip your favorite smell away; the only way to replenish that pleasant odor was to tote your main bottle or to buy a second bottle and store strategically. Still, sometimes even minimal travel is still unavoidable and no alternative to carrying around your precious bottle yet saved you. That is, until now.

No larger than a tube of lipstick and constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing, Perfume to Go is the perfect companion.

Simply by removing the nozzle and replacing with Perfume to Go. Just a few quick pumps fills the reservoir to last more than just a few stressful meetings, always leaving you to feel confident and well scented for whatever’s up next.


Now, you can have your very own Perfume to Go. Simply click and choose the color and type that best suits your personality. After all, from now on it’s safe to say that you will have a new, deliciously useful best friend for life.