Selling a product successfully does not end your responsibility! Until the products reach your customers in a good state and at an affordable price, the task of the seller does not end. This is one of the primary reasons, why companies look for good packaging solutions who offer great solutions, enabling products to reach customers in a good condition, just as they look forward too.

Over the years, a huge improvement has been observed in companies offering packaging solutions and packaging products, in terms of technology and way of operation. The main criterion has always been security, especially in cases of fragile goods as in the case of perfume packaging. Industrial packaging techniques have also witnessed a great deal of change in terms of security techniques. These new methods adopted by packaging solutions providers offer complete security while packaging products. Here are some such new ways to secure packages.

Tamper Proof Packaging

This kind of packaging lays special emphasis on providing the maximum security to products during transit as well as storage, especially in case of vulnerable goods. Tamper proof packaging is mainly used in packaging crockery and cosmetics and to a certain extent in case of perfume packaging to.

These packages have a flat bottom that prevents any kind of entry, a tear strip which is printed on the upper flap which cannot be replaced easily. This kind of packaging is normally made using corrugated board and designed to meet the needs of supply chain. Designing of the packages and packaging products are selected to help the products reach their destination in the best condition and helping them stay free from any kind of tampering.

Tamper proof packaging solutions are normally recyclable and environment friendly. These are easy to assemble and available in a wide range of corrugated board grades. They have a specially made designed which helps in indicating the place from where these need to be opened. The main advantages of using tamper proof packaging are that they offer great protection, ensuring complete transport to products during their transit. They are highly flexible and can be uniquely changed as per the need of the product which needs to be packaged.

Sustainable Product Packaging

A newer and advanced form of packaging in which optimum security is assured to product during its transit!  Whether it is packaging for heavy products as in case of industrial packaging or light products as in case of perfume packaging, newer methods of packing is used which is fit for packaging, is cost effective and offers sustainable packing solutions to the customers.

In sustainable packaging there is a huge range of solid board product packaging and corrugated boards which offer high protection levels and great strength to the products. It helps in meeting the physical needs of supply chain.

In sustainable packaging the most common styles used in packing products are cases and boxes. Standard slotted containers are commonly used in packaging industrial products. This standard case offers total and complete superb protection with great stacking strength which is designed to endure the demands of supplying chain. It also helps in eliminating all kind of product damage which takes place during transportation.

To enhanced the security, especially in case of industrial packaging full range of barrier coating is offered that helps in improving performance in supply chain of the products. Additional features of such kind of product packaging include die cutting technology and automatic packing lines.

This kind of packaging material is made from corrugated cardboard or good quality solid board, which is pre glued to make a flat container. This flat container can be easily erected and then filled with the product and securely sealed. The best part is that all these cases are easily recyclable and are suited for machine and manual packing. The products are 100% recyclable and help in maximises speed on packing lines.

Air Cushion Packaging

Another trend in product packaging which offers dual material packaging solutions with corrugated boxes and the use of plastic film bag which is filled with air. This kind of packaging offers highly effective light weight packaging for transit. In such kind of packaging, boxes are filled normally and then are sealed using a specialized technology which pre set air pressure is used filling voids and in creating protective cushioning. This packaging is environment friendly, eliminated any need of additional fitment and offers good flexibility during transit.



Another interesting automated packaging technology which offers high security standards of products! There are huge variations of wraparounds used by packaging solutions providers which help in maximizing cost effectiveness of products. Companies looking forward to smart packing techniques with enhanced protection offer great These offer great security and can be customized as per needs of the clients.

With the introduction in latest packaging technologies, the entire industry is witnessing a big boom which is expected to rise further in the next few years too.