Before and during the planning of a product or a product packaging, there are several factors that should be taken into account to get the best result.

In most cases, the packaging has to reflect the product inside and also, has to harmonise with it.

For basic requirements, the functions of packaging can be divided into 3 main parts:

Primary functions

Protective function:

Protecting the contents from the environment and protecting the environment from the contents.

Storage function:

As one of the main function of packaging, the storage function helps to preserve and keep the product for long term use.

Transport and Loading function:

Packaging has a very important impact on the efficiency of transport, handling and storage of goods. Packaging should, therefore, be designed to be easily handled and to permit space-saving storage and stowage. The shape and strength of packages have been defined according to efficiency and economic reasons.

Secondary functions

    Sales function:

Packaging has to promote the sales and marketing activities of the product.

Promotional function:

Connects to sales function and basically, helps to affect the potential customers during the purchasing process.

Service function:

This mainly means the information written on the labels or directly on the packaging. It provides information to the consumer about details of the content and the use of the particular product.

Guarantee function:

Packaging is the basis for branded goods, consumer protection and product liability

Tertiary functions

Additional functions