In standard packaging solutions, one company prides itself on standing out from the crowd. International company Pack Tech A/S specialises in developing and selling packaging solutions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and home and garden industries, creating high quality, innovative packaging solutions at competitive prices for 70 years.

With years of experience under their belt, Pack Tech A/S has the knowledge and capability to create new, innovate packaging solutions, taking advantage of their purpose built moulding workshops in China to manufacture their own product range to continue in their journey to be leaders in the competitive distribution business.

Developing and selling packaging solutions for three industries in the form of mini triggers, foamer, lotion pumps, finger sprayers, airless dispensers, pump systems, pharma sprayers, tubes and trigger sprayers to name a few, Pack Tech A/S revolutionises customer product ranges, offering unique packaging customisation. With such a wide range of products available for three specific industries, you can be certain that there will be a product to suit you and your expectations, at the right price.

From design to delivery

Production takes place at specialised moulding factories in China. Having their own workshop means Pack Tech A/S oversees the entire manufacturing process, from design to delivery, with quality assurances in place to guarantee that customers receive a top product. Each individual product goes through single product control testing, leakproof testing and comes with a lifetime guarantee of functionality. Over 450 injection-moulding machines ensure that they can meet customer demand, and using this machinery means a product shape can be appropriately altered to produce a unique item. As 85% of Pack Tech’s production needs no human interaction, the process from design to delivery is a cost effective one, offering a speedy return to keep your costs at a minimum.

With unique or classic designs, countless options for packaging customisation in different colour combinations and products to match customer expectation, now is the perfect time to think about revolutionising your product range with assistance from Pack Tech A/S.

An eco-conscious choice

Committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company overall before 2020, Pack Tech A/S products appeal to the eco-friendly client. Their freight operations became completely carbon neutral in 2012, with the focus now on reducing electricity consumption by at least 5% a year and recycling all waste products generated during the manufacturing process. Although today plastic packaging is a part of daily life, reducing our ecological footprint whilst creating sustainable products is more frequently become a priority. Pack Tech is no stranger to this, seeing ethical and environmental sustainability as key to ensuring their financial sustainability.

Want to see what’s so special about Pack Tech A/S products and by-products yourself? You can order free samples directly from their website, and if you’re convinced, you can purchase all  most of Pack Tech A/S products and by-products or it’s substitutes from Nordtek’s All In Packaging online web shop, in addition to thousands of other packaging products. Need some help with your purchase? Just ask! With support available via live web chat, phone and email in over 10 languages, All In Packaging is designed to meet all of your needs.

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