Plastic bottles have been widely used – mainly as a packaging material for beverages, consumer goods and detergent – for a long time. Plastic bottles offer easy production, great durability and good energy savings, as well as being safe to use and an economical choice for both consumers and manufacturers. Polyethylene is a compound present in plastic that offers many advantages.

Plastic water bottles and reusable water bottles are both easily available, but when you next buy a bottle, take time to consider your purchase, as a number of things depend on the kind of bottle you choose. Is a plastic bottle better than a reusable one? Is a reusable water bottle safe and good for your health? Should plastic bottles be used with caution? If these are some of the questions that often come to your mind, here are some facts that might help you decide. No one wants to compromise on health issues; it’s therefore important to know which bottle is best.

Plastic Water Bottles

Reports suggest that every year, a large amount of money is spent all over the world on disposable plastic water bottles. These disposable bottles are available in a range of sizes and shape, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. Plastic water bottles are also easy to carry and a great way to store water. Approximately $11 billion dollars is spent on these water bottles. So, why do people spend so much on disposable plastic water bottles? People spend money on purified water, which is generally packaged in these bottles, but more often than not the water isn’t actually purified. There are reports that these disposable water bottles are nothing but untreated tap water – tap water that people are spending a lot of money on. Not only this, these bottles are also an environmental concern as they pile up into landfills. An estimated 38 billion water bottles reach landfills every year – quite an alarming number.

Reusable Water Bottles

In comparison to disposable plastic water bottles, reusable water bottles are environmentally friendly as they save a lot of fossil fuel. By using a reusable water bottle, you can actually save $550 a year. Just one reusable bottle can have an impact in helping to reduce waste. Reusable water bottles are also safer than other water bottles: switching to reusable bottles means chemicals won’t be seeping into your drink, allowing you to feel safer about what is going into your body. Reusable water bottles can be used for a number of purposes: for decoration, to store things at home or even in your garden.

Simple to mould, reusable water bottles are available in a variety of shapes, which helps in improving their utility as well as appearance. Today, manufacturers incorporate a number of features into the bottles including integral handles, easy to read measurement marks and pouring lips that help to reducing wasting liquid.

With amazing designs, styles and colours, as well as health benefits, reusable water bottles are here to stay and offer a great alternative to disposable plastic water bottles.

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