Product packaging plays a very important role in marketing; this is one of the main reasons why companies do a lot of research before changing the packaging style or design of any existing product which enjoys a good market. The appearance of a product or how it is packed plays a very important role in the success or failure of a product.

How does packaging influence the sales of a product? What is the main function of packaging a product?

Products are packaged on the basis of functions they need to be performed.

The main reason behind product packaging is to prevent any kind of damage to a product. A good packaging helps to keep the product in good condition during transit and also during the time it sits on the retail shelves. Every product has a known form of packaging which is based on the product type. A common example is in case of fruit and soup packaging. Soups are usually packed in containers and then are packaged while fruits are packaged just for transportation. Fruits are not packaged to sell from the produce to any local grocery store or department. They are packaged in a different way to be sold to customers who come to visit the store and buy the fruit. However soups are packaged keeping in mind the final customer who will buy based on the kind of packaging they get to see.

How attractive the product looks depends on how well it is packaged. Product packaging plays a major role in attracting customers, as this is what the customers get to see in store shelves or in online stores. This is where research plays a major role. Companies spend a considerable time and amount on deciding the packaging designs, colors, types of products so that they appeal customers or catch their fancy just as they see it.

Packaging and Marketing

Packaging plays a major role in conveying information about the brand. It successfully portrays information about the product and brand which is of much use to the customers. Outside packaging consists of directions on using the product or details about how the product is made.

Such information and details helps in promoting the product and facilitates purchasing decisions of customers. Customers gather information from the label of packaging which acts as a medium of communication that is conveyed effectively. The information helps in selling the product as it helps in allowing customers get useful and important decision about the product. It helps in understanding why the product is useful, how consumers stand to benefit when using the product, why customers should buy the product and how important the product is for them. This helps in creating a unique market for the product.

Here are some ways which will help in understand how product packaging helps in marketing products.

Good design, color and shape– A good design, perfect printing and great finishing are all marketing tricks to enhance the look of a product. Attractiveness and aesthetics are the two most important things which are considered important for marketing of products. Companies spend a lot on research and development in order to optimize the many packaging features which help in influencing product packaging decisions and generating newer marketing potentials in the form of market.

Innovation – Novelty or innovations in product packaging helps extensively in marketing a product and creating a very strong appeal for a product. Innovation and uniqueness appeals one and all as everyone seeks to have something which is different from the other. A new and innovative pack helps in making new product out of the existing ones. Unusual solutions with latest or unusual functional developments always help in developing products and setting newer trends. Innovation also helps in boosting sales which has never been observed before.

Communication –A good packaging talks about a product effectively and usefully. It is a wonderful medium which communicates with customer during sales and helps in selling itself. It is consulted by consumers most willingly and intensely when they go through everything mentioned on the label of the packaging to understand what it is all about. A good packaging does enough marketing and communication on behalf of a product. Not just this, experts believe that it gets much closer to consumers than anything else. A successful packaging is one which persuades a customer enough to market it.

Experts argue that consumers are always tempted with attractive and innovative and creative packaging which confirms the facts, that packaging plays a very important role in marketing a product.  It has also been proved many times those good packaging offers additional benefits in the form of creating a new customer base. People are often willing to pay more if they like a design, even if it means they have to pay more.