Keeping our hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others, and soap is fundamental in this process. There are mainly two types of soap: ‘traditional’ solid (bar) soaps, and the nowadays extremely popular liquid soaps. Naturally, the most vital ingredient of a thorough hand wash is the soap that we use, but when considering liquid soaps, the other essential element is the packaging, which in most cases is a pump dispenser.

While the product itself is the key element, a good soap product alone does not guarantee success. There must also be a container or dispenser that stores – and gives a dose of liquid – properly, and this packaging is an equally important part of a product and its sales and success.

The dispensing feature, or, more accurately, the dosage opportunity is what makes liquid soaps and their pump dispensers so liked by consumers. The packaging, consisting of a container or bottle together with the pump dispenser offers an easy and user-friendly experience.

Advantages of pump dispensers and liquid soaps

Although soap is said to be antibacterial, resistant to infections and self-cleaning, many people don’t like to use traditional block soaps, as they don’t feel comfortable using soap that comes into direct contact with somebody else’s hands. Liquid soap reduces the exchange of germs between users. As no one touches the actual soap, pump dispensers play very little part in the spreading of germs.

A huge advantage of soap dispensers with a pump is that the mechanical structure is simple and doesn’t contain parts that will break after a while. Pump dispensers don’t require electricity, are refillable and their longevity means they can be used time and time again. Pump dispensers are extremely convenient, with even small children being able to use them without much assistance, reducing the risk for everyone of spreading germs.

Another effective feature of dispensers is dosage. The amount of soap dispensed is controlled; meaning the amount of waste is reduced and therefore offering a cost effective solution for both manufacturers and consumers.

Perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, pump dispensers are ideal for virtually any location where several people will be using soap to clean their hands – without inconvenience or the threat of infection.

Choose your pump dispenser wisely

Whilst this article only highlights liquid soaps, there are several other liquids; lotions and creams that can also be stored in pump dispensers. Choosing the right dispenser is important, with a huge variety of liquid dispensers available. An abundance of colours, styles and shapes fit almost any décor at home or in an office or business setting. Pump dispensers can be wall mounted or push pump, which releases a limited amount of soap – both available in various sizes.

It’s important to choose the pump dispenser according to the features of the final product. Based on the qualities of the product, you also have to decide the dosage of the pump whilst keeping in mind the viscosity of the filling material.

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