Autumn: the season of cold mornings, golden coloured walks and, importantly, Halloween! From being placed inside pumpkins to scattered around your home, candles are an essential part of setting a spooky Halloween scene, and making your own couldn’t be easier.

How to Make

DIY Halloween candles are a great – and cheap – activity to try at home where kids can get involved, too. They’re fairly simple, and with the right ingredients to hand, you’ll be making candles to rival the biggest brands. All that’s needed is a jar to hold your candle, a wick and granulated wax.

Get your glass jars ready by gluing a wick to the bottom of the jar – any type of inexpensive glass jar can be used, so go with whatever design takes your fancy. Next, pick your granulated wax – you’ll find all sorts of colours available, ideal for a Halloween theme – and fill the jar with your chosen wax, in whatever pattern you decide. Make sure the wick stays centred, and leave a little room at the top of the jar in case you want to add a lid. If you want to stop the wax granules from moving around, pour a little melted wax over the top to create a seal, and you’re set! It couldn’t be easier.

Glass jars, while offering indulgent storage for candles, are a convenient packaging option for homemade candles as they can be washed out and reused again, or recycled.  Glass is also an impermeable material, providing a safe option for candle flames, and with a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from, glass jars are the best option for those haunting Halloween candles. Candle jars look lovely indoors as autumn décor.

Unlimited Designs

The best part of making your own Halloween candles is you can be as creative as you want. Choose the colours you want, in the design you want, to create your perfect Halloween candle. Use as table centrepieces or as autumnal decorations around your home – they even make wonderful gifts for friends, which is great if you’re on a budget. Anyone can make a candle, and it can be a fun weekend activity for both children and adults to come up with their own Halloween designs. Personalised candles are a unique and special addition to any home.

Scented Candles Make Spooky Scenes

For even spookier scenes, you can infuse your home with Halloween inspired autumnal aromas by adding scents to your homemade candles. Just add scented oils of your choice directly to a bit of melted granulated wax, and pour this mixture over the top of your candle, creating a seal. Add hints of spiced apples, cinnamon, orange or pumpkin spice to your candles to really capture the Halloween spirit.

Instead of splurging on branded candles this Halloween, why not give DIY candles a go? Cheap, easy and ‘spook-tacularly’ effective, homemade Halloween candles are the perfect activity this autumn, and you can get started by ordering glass jars from All In Packaging. Happy Halloween!