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Most of the time, product packaging is the best way to protect your product. Occasionally, however, extra protection is a necessary addition and there are times when even your packaging needs packaging. That’s where shrink wrap bands come in.

If you’ve ever purchased a lip balm, or perhaps a mascara, and had to remove a thin plastic seal covering the entire container before you could open the packaging, then you’ve experienced a shrink wrap band. Shrink wrap bands are transparent, plastic bands that are used in the packaging industry to protect both the packaging and the product. A shrink wrap band is a cost-effective way to protect your product and its packaging to ensure the safety of the product for the end user.

Ideal for wrapping lip balm tubes, shrink wrap bands keep products in perfect condition and even offer a tamper evident seal that guarantees the tube hasn’t been tampered with, and that the product is unused when it reaches the end consumer.

Easy to Use

It couldn’t be easier to apply a shrink wrap band to your packaging. With only the product container, a shrink wrap band and a hairdryer required for application, shrink wrap bands are not labour intensive and only take a couple of minutes to apply.

Slip the packaging container inside the shrink wrap band so that the container is completely covered, and then use a hairdryer to create a strong, secure seal. The benefit of shrink wrap material is that – as the name suggests – it shrinks when high heat is applied to it. When a hair dryer is blown against the band, it shrinks tightly around whatever it’s covering to provide a tight seal that protects the packaging and product, keeping both clean and adding tamper resistance. The shrink wrap band has a perforated edge to enable easy removal by the end user. The shrink wrap band is easy to use and works exactly as described – there are no hidden features so you don’t need any special manufacturing equipment!

Why Use Shrink Wrap Bands?

Picture this: you supply your brand new lip balm range to a number of stores, but when on the shelf, potential customers are opening the lip balm container to try your product. Not only is this unhygienic, but as customers are put off from purchasing a product that has already been opened, sales can be negatively affected.


This situation is easily solved with shrink wrap bands. The plastic wrap secures the packaging so that it cannot be opened without removing the shrink wrap band first. This tamper evident seal gives customers peace of mind that the product they’re purchasing is safe to use and is in its original, intended condition. Using shrink wrap bands can build your brand reputation and increase the chance of customers making further purchases, knowing they’re getting a reliable, high quality product.

The clear, plastic appearance of shrink wrap bands allows the original packaging to be seen through the band and doesn’t deter from the attractive appearance of the container. Its glossy finish gives an elegant touch to products, and is perfect for giving homemade cosmetic products a professional look.


At All In Packaging you can purchase shrink wrap bands as part of a set with a lip balm container to guarantee a proper fit. Available in small quantities, the shrink wrap band set is ideal for smaller businesses and private customers making DIY gifts, providing the perfect protection for your packaging.