Smart technology is overpowering us – the line between technological devices and human is now slowly blurring, as technology is getting a smart control over our lives, our needs and our existence. As per a December 2015 report, beauty packaging trends is taking over. Newer solutions, better designing trends with use of smarter updated packaging technology are going to make a difference.

Why should women stay behind? This is one of the main reasons why beauty brands started feeling the need of updating their packages, making them smarter and efficient than before. As per a recent poll, more than 49% said that are ready to replace their old makeup for new packages, newer trends while 36% women said they would love to spend more on good quality makeup. Let us understand the packaging trends of the New Year and how it is going to bring a change in our lives.

Customer trends are changing and this has shown its impact on packaging design for personal care products which includes cosmetics.



Smart Packaging Is The Choice

Beauty care consumers are now looking forward to smart packaging. This is one of the reasons, why beauty care packaging trends in 2016 is said to be quite ripe for techno packaging. Smarter packaging involves more customization, better innovative designing while ensuring cost control. Smart packaging is about user convenience, digitalization, use of eco-friendly material, portability and anything which helps customers in using the product or getting back to purchase the product again.


Customers are looking forward to customization and individualization of beauty products. In general, they want all their beauty products, as per their needs. For instance, sneaker brands today, have come up with the much popular innovative way of allowing customers to upload their own art and then they have customization options for each detail of the shoes. There is a growing customization or individualization expectation from beauty products, which are now being fulfilled by brands.


Unique Cosmetics Packaging

Brands understand the need of having products stand out from all competitors. Will the unique formula of the product alone help? How will customers understand that your product is different? This is when cosmetic packaging attracts customers. Latest beauty packaging is about offering unique product packaging designs, which are meant to keep products secure and fresh and offering customized choice to buyers.


Trends In Printing and Labelling

With change in beauty care packaging, printing and labelling is also fast changing. Silk screening, 3D printing, digital printing solutions shrink sleeving and hot foil blocking is now the newer trends in beauty labelling.


With changing trends in beauty packaging, a large variety of products are also being introduced. Customers can now expect better creative packaging pumps, sprayers, tubes, jars and packaging bottles. Cosmetic packages are now being customized with logos, designer prints and eco-friendly materials. Packaging is now done with modern machines, helping making products with greater flexibility and portability.


It is the endeavour of brands to come up with innovative and quality packages which offer unbeatable customer service.


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