In today’s packaging industry, the use of stand-up paper pouches is showing fast-growing trends. It’s no exaggeration when we say that huge numbers of key markets around the world are fast becoming users of this handy and good-looking packaging material.

Growth of paper-pouches is mainly thanks to the numerous benefits they offer to manufacturers, to packaging companies and to customers.

Why pouches are the best choice

From a marketing and sales perspective, stand-up paper pouches have a noticeable affect on customers during the shopping process, influencing product sales. With a unique shape, standing pouches are much more visible on the shelf than any other packages, that can usually be found lying flat.

Similarly, the upright position of the pouch clearly shows off the front of the product, providing greater shelf appeal. This feature gives more creative freedom to the designers to create packaging labels that can capture customer attention quickly and easily.

Pouches for almost everything

Along with design, the other huge benefit of using standing paper pouches is that they can be widely used for several products, including:

  • food products

  • snacks, spices, tea, coffee

  • pharmaceutical products

  • grains and seeds

  • perfumed potpourris and many others.

Stand-up pouches are available in several sizes, types and materials. You can also purchase pouches with a transparent window for product visibility. With various solutions for pouch closure, there’s bound to be a closure to suit your product, such as euro slot, degassing valves, tear notches and resealable zippers.

One of the most sought-after products is the Kraft paper pouch, thanks to its ability to preserve the freshness, taste and texture of the products. Kraft paper pouches are also favoured due to their high strength, durability and flexibility.

Thanks to the environmental friendly nature of the paper pouch, many companies are choosing to pack their product into pouches. As both manufacturers and consumers seek to become more eco-friendly, paper pouches are conquering the markets.

A trendy and useful packaging material, you can find high quality paper pouches in different types and sizes via the All In Packaging web shop, alongside thousands of other products for you to choose from.