It’s no secret that packaging is a key aspect of selling products and packaging is usually designed with this in mind. With so many packaging options on offer, thinking about what type of packaging will make your product stand out, whilst providing the most effective, user-friendly packaging for your product, is essential. Whilst colour and packaging design is often at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds, the shape of packaging plays an important role and is not something to be overlooked.

What type of packaging stands out?
Creativity, innovation and functionality in packaging are key ingredients for attracting customers. For packaging to be memorable, it needs to offer certain qualities. It should be innovative, trend setting and attractive, whilst offering something unique – a distinctive or unusual shape, perhaps.
Importantly, packaging needs to be comfortable to use. For dispensers in particular, such as sprayers, trigger sprayers and pumps, the need for ergonomic and user-friendly packaging is crucial in order for products to be used efficiently and safely. This is where the shape of packaging comes into play. Packaging that is well-shaped will be easy to hold and use, providing a pleasant user experience. Pump dispensers, for example, are shaped to enable users to press down simply with one finger to dispense liquid in an accurate dose.
Packaging shape can also be used as a way to target specific audiences. Round shaped products are often aimed at women, whereas rectangular and square shaped products mainly target men. The shape of your packaging can subtly attract your target audience, so this should be considered when choosing packaging design.
How well-shaped packaging can benefit your business 
As well as packaging your product more effectively and making your product more desirable to customers, products that have well-shaped packaging can also be cost-effective. Consider this: for products transported and delivered in boxes, you can save space in a transportation vehicle by packing as many products into one box. Practical shaped products, such as square items, are ideal for packing in bulk quantities as they fit neatly and securely, meaning fewer boxes are needed overall for transportation. Fewer boxes used means space saved in the transportation vehicle, ultimately cutting costs and saving money. Thinking ahead when planning your packaging and considering the shape of packaging can prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Conservative shapes can sometimes be cheaper and easier to transport.
The shape of packaging is an important aspect of packaging design, and can have an impact on everything from production costs to product sales. Look through the shapes of packaging on offer, and find out how we can further assist you and your product, on the All In Packaging website.