Perfumes are an important part of life. A good perfume can boost confidence and help us to feel fresh and happy. Perfume, along with perfume packaging, is designed and produced with the choice and preference of consumers in mind.

A great perfume packaging design is attractive, with the goal of catching a customer’s attention. How many times have you picked up a perfume because you just loved its design, or the shape of the bottle? Many customers even buy perfumes without first testing the fragrance; the design of the packaging being enough ensure a purchase – that’s how significant a great perfume packaging design can be.

So the all-important question you might be wondering: what makes a great perfume packaging design? There are a number of factors that contribute to a successful packaging design.

Originality Sells

Several perfume brands have had thriving business thanks to implementing original designs and ideas. These brands offered something that customers had never seen before, providing a unique product. It’s always good to refrain from imitating a best selling design, as people are clever when purchasing and will recognise that there’s nothing new on offer. It always helps to sell something that is unique and distinct from others.

Unique and Eye Catching

Available in a large number of unique and eye-catching designs, most perfumes are packaged differently in order to distinguish one from one another on the shelf. Customers are continuously looking for something new; an exclusive product. Once a perfume has been bought, they will often look for a different product next time– an innovative design, or an attractive package, anything that looks completely original. Innovation, creativity and eye-catching design are qualities that all consumers look for when buying perfume. For perfume packaging designers, consider how creative your perfume packaging is. Is it inventive? Does it different from the other products available, and if so, how? You need to have a reason for the ultimate question: why would anyone buy this particular perfume?

Interesting Shapes

Perfume bottles come in amazing shapes. You’ll find that every bottle differs from the next. A great perfume packaging is one that does maximum justice to the bottle shape. Your customer does not get to see the shape of the bottle at first. Your packaging should therefore be able to effectively and enticingly convey the shape of the bottle whilst on the shelf. There should be something in the packaging that attracts the customer on the basis of the bottle shape.

Straightforward Information

Attractive packaging aside, good perfume packaging should have straightforward information visible. In the few seconds that customers spend looking at your product, you need to capture attention so they can quickly see all the details they need. Forget fancy jargon; customers like to read a few facts about the product and your product packaging should therefore be straightforward and clear. The packaging should contain honest information, with a brief description and names of all substances used. Precautions should also be included on the packaging.

With these factors in mind, creating a great packaging design for perfume should be a breeze!