Packaging is a very important part of marketing, which has the capacity of building or destroying your brand image all by itself. A very critical part of sales and distribution, packaging has to be the best, cost effective and most importantly should protect the product which is packed and prevent any damage. If you are a manufacturer and deciding on packaging products, how, what and when here are some basic steps which will help you in deciding on packaging.

Survey –You need to do a marketing survey to understand what kind of packaging your competitors are doing. You need to know about packaging products they are using; packaging solutions they are hiring and also about reputed packaging suppliers who are doing business in the locality and how much they are charging. This will help in deciding if your chosen packaging supplier is providing the best rates.

Choose The Packaging– Once you have decided on packaging products, you need to choose a special type of packaging for your product – which is the material.

Select The Packaging Supplier– Once you have decided on the packaging material, you need to look for good packaging suppliers in your locality who offer the best services and rates which are the best.

Test and make changes– Once you have the final packaging done; test the packaged product to check if everything is fine. In case any changes needed, you can tweak and made changes.

Now let’s talk about the design of the packaging. To make the packaging unique, you need to think a little out of the box. It needs to have a beautiful packaging which stands out from other packages – this is what is going to make your packaging unique.

How to Make Your Packaging Design Unique

To make your packaging stand out, you need to allow it to stand out of the box. Handcrafted packaging can be a good idea which helps in adding a unique personal touch to the product and makes it personal and unique. Try to do your packaging with a number of functionalities as it will be a part of the product itself. In fact, packaging is quite a lot about story telling, it plays an important role in sharing your vision and dreams. A good unique packaging speaks a lot about your company, business, its professionalism and future prospects. Handcrafted packaging is a great way to add uniqueness to your products and since it will be specially created for your customers, it has to be unique and will have a great brand retention value.


Packaging Profile

To make your packaging unique, you will have to optimize your package profile which is also known as retail footprint. This means the space the product is going to take on a shelf. When designing the packaging, your main aim should be to have a smallest size and amount of packaging material, which will help in optimizing the design of your package and which will optimize its shape it. We all know that retail space is expensive and the lesser the space your product will need, the happier your customer will be. When you are making your product unique you need to consider this concept of retail footprint also. This is actually where you get to show your creativity. You need to ensure that your product is not sitting idle in the box and occupying space. Your design should be such that your product gets an upright position or it is easily hanged. There are several unique ways by which any product can be merchandised and as a creator you need to think something which is beyond the traditional way doing things.

Selecting Packaging Suppliers

If you want your packaging to stand out from all others and to make it the best, you need to have the best packaging suppliers who will do justice to your creativity and do justice to your packaging. When searching for packaging suppliers you will be flooded with options since packaging is now a huge industry and statistics reveal that there are more than 10000 packaging companies in US alone. Your chosen packaging suppliers should be responsible, trustworthy and be able to do packaging professionally, since the reputation of your company will be in their hands.

No matter how unique your packaging is, you need to have some important information necessarily on the packaging of the product. You need to remember that unique packaging is not just about designing or enclosure, you need to put in some extra information on the package too. While creating a unique design, especially necessary in case of industrial packaging and to a certain extent perfume packaging also, you need to put some important information on the package. The packaging needs to be ‘marked’ with symbols like poisonous or recycling and needs space for labeling also. So, while deciding on product packaging and design, you have to keep enough space in the package to fit in information that will inform your customers about health issues, safety issues and environmental factors also. This is important. If your unique packaging design does not display this needed information, your customers will find it extremely difficult in getting information about the product.