When deciding the best choice of packaging for your products, the first hurdle to cross is the material, and the most obvious choice is plastic or glass. Both have their benefits and both are extremely favoured packaging materials. Glass is an increasingly popular packaging material, offering elegance and style to everyday products. Largely used for drinks packaging, glass is an eco-friendly and attractive choice of packaging.


Plastic, on the other hand, is one of the most popular forms of packaging available and is used all over the world, in all industries. It has  ruled the packaging industry for a long time. Given that glass also offers many advantages, why exactly should manufacturers and customers alike choose plastic over glass when it comes to product packaging?



When it comes to packaging, weight is an important factor to consider, and plastic comes out on top. As a material, plastic is much lighter than glass, which makes it hugely popular. If you package your goods in plastic, you add very little weight to the package as a whole as the plastic itself weighs next to nothing. For customers, this makes products with plastic packaging much easier and more convenient to carry during the day. For manufacturers, lightweight plastic  is easier and cheaper than glass to load up and transport – an important consideration when choosing packaging materials.



Durability is vital for packaging, both for transportation and when being used. Although glass keeps products well protected from permeation, plastic packaging is highly durable and can withstand external forces such as temperature changes and damage caused during transportation. A sturdy option, plastic can be dropped without breaking and doesn’t get damaged as easily as glass does, making it easy to use at all times and reduces the fear of leakage. As a result, plastic can be transported without the need for additional protective packaging, making it cheaper to use overall, and more convenient and reliable for consumers.



One of the biggest advantages to choosing plastic over glass is its flexibility. Plastic is a highly flexible material which means it can be used for numerous purposes. More flexible than glass, it can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes, making it ideal for use in a wide range of industries and different purposes of use. This offers brands and manufacturers more freedom when designing packaging, making plastic a more pliable material to work with.  



Both glass and plastic offer many possibilities for reuse. There’s no denying that glass is 100% recyclable: it can be recycled over and over again without a loss in quality, making it extremely eco-friendly. Plastic, however, is long lasting and has great reusable value. It can be effectively reused after it has served its initial purpose for a number of different uses with ease. But when the ease of repurposing is the final deciding factor between glass and plastic, the obvious advantages to using plastic, in addition to plastic being cheaper than all other packaging materials, make plastic the preferred choice of packaging material overall.


When plastic and glass can both be used as a packaging material, the advantages to choosing plastic are clear to see. Although both have their benefits, plastic is the cheaper, and more flexible option, making it a popular choice in the packaging industry. You can find plastic packaging of all varieties at All In Packaging.