Sprayers can be found in houses everywhere. This is a tool that is used for the purpose of spraying liquid or similar products. Sprayers are used in a number of ways, including spraying plants as well as having several other uses around the house. Sprayers are also often used for the purpose of applying fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other disinfectants on different types of agricultural crops.

Sprayers are widely used and are available in a large number of sizes, shapes, and designs. You can buy the sprayer of your choice, as per your need. Sprayers are available in different portable units that range from spray guns and backpacks, to a variety of trailed sprayers.

Sprayers are commonly used for different purposes. Sprayers can be used for any number of purposes, like for agricultural use, to spray insecticides and pesticides for the purpose of weed control. These sprayers are quite effective as they can be used to deliver liquids over a large area. These sprayers work with a pump and help in delivering liquids to all those places that are difficult to reach.

No matter what your need and purpose of use, you will find a type of sprayer to help you. They are available with different varieties of pumps, to help in dispersing the liquid. These sprayer pumps are now available in different varieties like diaphragm pumps, piston, centrifugal and roller. Each type of sprayer pump is used for transferring different types of liquids, mainly solid laden liquids, clear liquids, and also abrasives.

Special Sprayers:

Though there are many different kinds of sprayers, one popular variety is the diaphragm sprayer pump, which helps in delivering liquids at 1,000 pounds per square inch. If you wish, more liquid can be delivered. The specialty of this type of sprayer is that it can deliver a high volume of liquid – as much as 50 gallons or more at a time. This is usually dependent on the size of sprayer pump. These special sprayers are available in different sizes, depending on the quantity of liquid that needs to be dispersed.

Piston Pumps:

Paint sprayers are also commonly used to help people deliver products onto different surfaces. In these sprayers, the piston begins by moving downwards. The inlet tube then works to fill the piston chamber with liquid. As the piston slowly rises, the contents or the fluid there gets slowly distributed to one more part of the system, which might be a tube or a nozzle. The piston then moves in a rapid back-and-forth motion and in quick succession. The paint in the process is slowly delivered in a steady stream as soon as the motor begins working to drive the piston. There are a number of plastic and rubber seals that prevent air from getting into the system.

Sprayers are most commonly used in shopping malls, restaurants, and cafeterias as soap dispensing units. Soap is usually dispensed with the help of a pump mechanism, which works to make the process easier and smoother. The entire process is efficient and convenient.