It is no secret that Youtube and other video channels are loaded with niche interest videos that are also hugely popular. But one of the more surprising fan bases is that of people who like to watch products being unpackaged or unboxed. This is literally when the product’s packaging is stripped of its cellophane wrap, the box opened, and the new product taken out. It’s almost like a strip show for consumer goods. Depending on the product, the videos can reach millions of views. With popular products like the new Apple iPhone releases, or fad toys like the Fidget Spinner, it can be many millions.


There are multiple reasons viewers like to watch products being unboxed. Foremost, there is a vicarious thrill in seeing the new product, even if it belongs to somebody else. Also, consumers like these videos for practical reasons: they want to see the product and all its accessories before they purchase it for themselves. Also, there is a bit of suspense surrounding many new gadgets, and watching an unboxing video will satisfy the curiosity of people who may have heard the hype around the product, and are curious, but perhaps don’t want to buy the item yet.

The videos are made by an assortment of people. Some are enthusiasts of the product or brand, some are reviewers, while

others are just fans of making unpacking videos. The videos can last anywhere from a few minutes to up to half an hour, depending how deeply the host wants to get into the product. Some of the videos include no commentary at all, only the sounds of the unpackaging like the mailer being torn open or the box top being lifted off, while others are loaded with commentary.


But it’s not just the unboxing of gadgets that attracts viewers. Perfumes and skin-care product unboxings also have a strong following. That’s because perfumes and specially ordered beauty care products are highly coveted by their fans, who participate vicariously in the anticipation that comes along with unpackaging an item that was delivered by mail. Moreover, perfumes have very well designed and precise packaging, which is sometimes an object of art in of itself. There is a vicarious thrill is the ‘reveal’ once the package has finally arrived in the mail, kind of like a mini-Christmas.


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