While detergents, softeners, and other washing products come in many forms, from gel capsules to crystals, the most common sort is perhaps liquid. Washing liquids are used in multiple spaces in the house and business, from bathrooms to kitchens to laundry rooms. With this in mind, portable, durable, re-usable bottles for washing liquids are always in demand. Below we have detailed just a few of the many advantages of our bottles for washing liquids.

Foremost, because the washing liquid will need to be transported and lifted throughout the course of the product’s use, the fact that the bottle can be held and lifted with one hand is a great convenience. Its shape, which tapers around the middle, makes it easy to lift, carry, and pour. Moreover, the easy grip will lessen the risk of dropping the bottle and creating unintended mess. Because it is made of PET plastic(s) you can be sure that even if it is dropped, it will likely withstand the blow, as the plastic is durable. The same cannot be said for other materials we frequently see bottles made from, like glass.

An added feature that is available with our bottle for washing liquids is a softener cap. Such caps allow the consumer to accurately measure the product into the cap. This makes for optimal use, and less mess, as the cap simply gets put back on the bottle, allowing any excess washing liquid to drip back into the bottle.

Finally, the bottles are ideal for reuse. If you are somebody who buys washing liquids in bulk, or are a DIY hobbyist and like to make your own washing liquid, then having a bottle that you can simply refill will be an added benefit.

Bottles for washing liquids are versatile in that they fulfill the needs of many types of washing products. They are durable, easy to use, and can be customized with the softener cap for optimal use with products that should be measured. If you are in need of these all-around ideal containers for washing liquids, a good place to look would be the All In Packaging shop, where you can learn even more about these bottles and more of our quality packaging solutions.